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homophobes...oh they crack me up hehe

my friend in my 3rd hour is a complete homophobe and i think its hillarious...theres these other 2 boys in that class who seem like they are either bi, metro, or plain out gay but dont want to show it. but any way, just to tick him off they do really funny things like sit on eachothers lap and my friend always gets all freaked out and says "ewww did you see that thats gross!!" and all i do is laugh and laugh haha...just thought id share that with you because it was quite funny...

why are people so scare of others sexual prefferences?...im straight and i have no problem with it what so ever...you cant help matters of the heart right?

have a good day!
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tha'ts funny, i have two of my friends that are straight don't exactly like to see guys acting gay but since last year my friend had a dream of them as a couple whenever we have a party or anything they're always acting gay with each other, it's hillarious
people are just wierd like that-.- alotta people are afriad becouse of the bible says its wrong. others are afriad of what they dont know about. its really the same thing with african americans people didnt except them becouse they didnt have knowlage about them and were afriad...:Pi guess
People fear that which they don't understand, and they hate what they fear.
couldn't have said it better myself.