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Today my ex gf asked me "are you still bi?" and i was thinking noooo it was just bi for that day-.- now about something that s been bothering me is gay marriage....i think its completly rediculouse that 2 people who fall inlove cannot matter becouse they are the same sex. its like prejiduce. its like saying a blackman cant vote. peopel at my school always say the same thing "well there forcing there gayness on us" but if you think about it there forcing there ways on us by limiting who we can marry. im not sure how long iv known about being bi but i do know that i always beleived in equal rights for EVERYONE no matter if there gay black white w/e. im open to any other views.:)

i might have a surprize to tell you all but i cant say just yet. not until i know for sure:) but its a pleasent surprise :D

anyways people thats enough for today.

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