Prozac (doodle_tarthead) wrote in house_of_hearts,

I'm not straight at all. I have girlfriend. And the whole school knows(literally, not just students. I'm talking teachers, administrators, janitors, so on...) and they don't give a crap. You say "Okay, well what's this all about?" Well...

On Wednesday the administrator at my school called my girlfriend down to basically tell her we shouldn't be together as much. He said something along the lines.."You two have been spending too much time together, and I think it would be best if you didn't as much anymore. I see both of you in the office and outside of class more than any other students. There have been concerns and some complaints about you two and if this continues I will make school a real uncomfortable place and I'll make it a point that you two don't see each other anymore..."

And the funny thing is we barely show any PDA at school. For the 7 months we've been dating, we've only kissed in school twice and held hands for a total of 5 minutes every day. So what complaints is he talking about? I don't know. As soon as she told me, though, I went to go see my counselor. And she said it wasn't a homophobic act at all and that it was just all about attendance and going to class. I told her that I was so mad that all I wanted to do was show even more PDA at school just to make certain people mad. I have the right to choose who I love, I shouldn't have to feel my back being watched 24/7 because I'm with my girlfriend.

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